Friday, April 16, 2010

weekend adventure ^-^

have a back to back journey this weekend.. :) ^-^
April 17 at Merrell Adventure Run

and on
April 18, first Fun run of our company.

Hope I can make it the two race, injury free. Both are pressure race beacuse on Merrell, there is a cut off time and on our company race, I'm one of the Team Coordinator and I should at least perform well,hehehe.

God will lead my journey, and He is with me all the way.

God bless!


I am Xprosaic said...

Wow! talagang dedicated ka sa pagtakbo... good luck being a coordinator... jejejejejeje

Kenley said...

I am probably late in posting this comment but nonetheless, best wishes in your races this weekend. I am amazed how running has sprouted there in the PH. I am envious. lol. I look forward to hearing the race recaps. As far as the cut off time, don't worry, there is always a next time, and you don't know how you will do until you try. God Bless.

MinnieRunner said...

Juvy, how does your company fun run turned out?

RunningAtom said...

bakit hindi mo kami binalitaan sa Bayan Fun Run? gusto ko sana sumali, hmp!