Sunday, April 25, 2010

our Company Fun Run

April 18,2010- The first Bayan Fun Run

Our company had a first ever Fun Run, as the running community already boom now, Fun Run as our Employee and Family day. We usually have competitions in badminton, basketball, bowling and other famous sport, but now we have a fun run, of course I’m excited, hehe. As my colleague knew I’m running (nah, just started running)and Im Miss Congeniality (hahaha, makapal lang face ko) they got me as a Team Coordinator for our group. Its kinda pressure since as our EA told me that our group was always a champion in every event like badminton, bowling and others. Wow, I thought coordinating this one is easy but I’m wrong. Lots of convincing power, encouraging them and gives some idea that they will enjoy running, hehe. They usually told me, “ano ka ba, hindi ko kayang tumakbo”, “ay ayaw ko ng mag run, ang aga aga naman”,and other lots of reklamo, but they can play badminton and other sports *sigh*. Hmmmm, I need to force a total of 20 person to compete for 3K individual (5 person), 5K individual(5 person) and a 10 person (8male + 2female) for a Team competition.

Pressure, stressful and excited hehehe. It’s hard to complete the list because only few run, many are their first time to run, so instead on the competition they just register for a Fun Run/walkathon for 3K and 5K. After forcing and encouraging them to run, I complete the list, hehehe.

We had this in our mailbox, to excite the first time runner, hehehe. Of course, I'm always excited for this. :)

On the day come, all are excited at the starting line, I would tell them," If maiiwan kayo walang free breakfast" hehehe, of course it’s only a joke, as some of the runner are my Bosses. I run alongside with Cathy (a first time runner, and recruited to compete for our team, and she is a good badminton player) I just told them to have fun; anyways this is just a Fun Run talaga, so the run started. The runners from the other team run so fast, as in they run as an elite runner, whoahh ang bilis.

(the route in our Diliman office, 5K runner had to complete the 2 loops)

(me waiting for our runners, serious mode, hehehe)

( the starting line)

(the 3K runners, Congrats to my teammates Jherrielyn and Marita, won the 1st and 2nd runner up, respectively for 3K women individual)

(other team won on the 5K individual, both men and women)

( our team was aChampion for winning on the Team Competition, yehey!)

(I bring my sister and pamangkin, they run on 3K Fun Run)

( stretching first)

( finish line)

-our post race pic from

I would commend our HR for having a successful Fun Run, thanks to Sir Choy for organizing this event, everyone was happy and enjoy.
Thanks to my Bayan family.
Thank to Sir Mike for the pictures and support.
Thanks to Marky for the support, he was sick but he still come to support our team, to cheer, to encourage and to took pictures. Thanks Coach! He also help me to have a pre race run in UP..:)
Thanks to organizer, Thanks Coach (I forgot the name but He is from UP) for supporting the event.
Thanks to my co-employee, to my Bosses to participate in the Fun run and run in a competition. Till next run.
Thanks to other team, as I met other who loves running.
Thanks to my family na kinaladkad ko from Bulacan to participate, I knew they enjoyed it, hehehe.
Thanks to God as the event finish with no injury and everyone was enjoy, I know some will start now running as their sports/hobbies.


MinnieRunner said...

Nice singlet you have there Juvy. How's the TNF?

juvy said...

Thanks Madz! ok naman ung TNF, still collecting the pictures, hehehe..Pagod sa biyahe,balikan, travelling alone, hehehe..adik lang talaga tumakbo, dumayo pa sa Baguio...:)