Friday, April 23, 2010

a real Adventure Run

--already late on posting this, as I'm busy with work and lots of boggling thoughts with my work, family and personal matter, hehehe--

April 17, 2010 (6:00am) at Wawa Dam, Montalban - 5K trail run

I registered for Merrell Adventure Run, the first trail run that I registered thought I run on ATKOM last March 28, which I joined in the last minute. I’m excited on this trail run as I saw the route in the organizer’s multiply site, this is what I want, an adventure, so I go to Merrell-Trinoma to register and got my slot. I already convinced my officemate to join since he lived in Montalban but back-out due to personal reasons, ohhh…Im alone again. Good thing, Madz and Pedz will also joined the race. And thanks to Madz, for allowing me to join in their company, meeting her cousins Mina and Irish, Thanks Girl!
Night before the race, I can’t sleep as I need to be in Philcoa at 2;30am, leaving our house at 1:30am to be on time. I’m already at Philcoa as early as 2:30am to share a shuttle service with Madz, courtesy of one of the media-Agatep, they are all kind and grateful, thanks to them also. We are early at the race, the organizer still preparing, this is the first time I’m early, since most of the time I’m late, hehe. As the race started at 6:00am, the entire 15 Km are off to go. As we are registered to 5K we went to the starting line next to them, it’s a good feeling that I’m on the first lane at the starting point. As I joined on the 5K race, I knew that this is the first time I will get a finisher medal, already expecting it, since their cut off time was 1 hour and 10 mins and my road race for 5K was 48 mins then the first trail that I joined (ATKOM) for 10K, I finished it for 2 hours which I’m late for 10 mins and just walk the 80% of the trail and took pictures. But to my surprise, I did not get the finisher medal, sigh. For the first km. going up already to the mountain, we got all the dust, and the dogs are all behinds us, (I felt that they are ready to bite me anytime). The people are smiling, and encouraging all the runners. As we go to the mountain after the one and only water station, we can only run/walk on a single file. On going up, the cause of clogging was some of the runners took pictures, stop on their place, and since there is no other way to go up, we just have to wait on them, hmmm :(. As I remember, one of the runner, shout and says “ pwede ba, wag muna kayong mag picturan”, hmmm, maybe she have a PR to beat. Anyway, I just run and walk on my way. As we already at the peak, I saw all the leading runners going back, shouting “ hindi daw dun ang 5K, 15K daw un” oh wow, all the 5K runners are lost? Hmmm, some runs and look for the right trail, some took pictures, some are angry and me, oh well I just take a rest and accept that this is really an Adventure Run, as what they say hehehe. After 20 minutes of waiting, Madz call me to follow her as Peds already knew the right trail, so I ran on them. We were on the right trail already, as we saw signage for 5Km and a red ribbon. We passed on the forest with lots of dried leaves and dry land (it’s because of El Nino) . Though I’m already gasping my breath going uphill, I still enjoy the scenery as I love nature. It’s a little bit sad as I saw the bare mountain, haiz. As we go down now, lots of big rocks and steep as we had to handle on the rope going down, as I was saying that time, “careful, wrong move or else”. As we get our lace, I thought we already near, though I’m not hoping for the medal, I just wanted to finish it since its already 1 hour and 30 mins. And all the marshal keep saying, “malapit na”. We I saw the road, I run, as I remember Kowts Abby saying “ it’s good to have a strong finish” so I did run but on my dismay I saw the signage we are still 1km away from the finish line and the marshal waiving their have pointing the right trail, oh my oh my. We conquered again, lots of big rocks, river crossing and the hanging bridge in the Wawa Dam, “perfect place”. I love rocks and river :). I must say, that’s the best part of the trail, the last 1 km. I crossed the finished line, wet, dirty and with smile in my face. :)

(nice meeting them all)

(runners going up in single file)

(going UP and UP)

(5K runners are lost in the Mountain)

(that's me,with the rocks the gives me bruises, hehe)

(thanks guys, without all of you I will not survived the 5K run :) )

Thanks to Madz for the picture and ride. Also to Pedz, and madz’ cousins Mina and Irish, thanks for the company. Thanks to Agatep. Nice meeting to James, Miss Vicky and Miss Noelle (though I’m kinda shy to talked to them, but I knew them through their blogs,hehe) I also saw some people, coach Wilnar and others.
Thanks to the organizer for this event. Thanks God as I conquered this adventure trail run, injury free. ^-^

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MinnieRunner said...

Juvy, thanks as well for helping me in the rapel thingy! I am really afraid of heights :D