Friday, August 20, 2010

Diliman Friendship Run - 2nd Company Fun Run :)

Diliman Friendship Run is a company event that aims to build camaraderie, wellness and fun amongst employees from both Bayan and Sky. The event also invited family and friends of the employees to join them.

everyone have this in their email :)

me, leading the "oath of sportmanship" feeling runner talaga ;)
having fun while doing the stretching
friendship run, so i met new friend from HSBC, thanks for participating the run. :)
strong finish?..toinks, bakit all smile pa sa camera, hehehe
one of the boys? hehe
muse?..nahh, it so happen that I'm the only girl participating in our Department, hehe :)
and the winner is....Congratulations!!!!

Thanks to all who participated on our 2nd Fun Run, Bayan and Sky Cable. Looking forward on the next run.

Thanks God for this happy weekend though I'm still hurting ;).

Monday, August 9, 2010

Takbo para sa Katutubo Race -- and im late :(

I was so excited and prepared for Takbo para sa Katutubo. My brother registered me for this race (I keep on texting and email him just to register me, since he is not so approve on my running activities, hehe) I get my race packet on their home in Pampanga, a one  hour ride in our place.
My race packet had a T-Shirt, 2 Bib Numbers (front and back) and the Race map.

I knew I can get to the place on time, from Malolos just an hour to SM Pampanga or less. Woke up at 3am with rain pours heavily, I texted my brother if also raining in Clark (he works in Clark and a night shift on that day) and as per him no, rain laredy stop. So fix myself and ready to go. As my usual Race discussion with my Father (everytime i will go for a race)
Tatay: Saan ka tatakbo?
Ubyang: Sa Clark
Tatay: Sino kasama mo?
Ubyang: Marami nandun na sila (kahit wala naman, hehe)
Tatay: Saan ka sasakay?
Ubyang: Sakay ako ng Victory Liner Bus.
Tatay: Sigurado ka alam mo ung pupuntahan mo? Dito ka na lang tumakbo, bakit pupunta ka pa dun?
Ubyang: Opo, naka ready na nga ako e.
Tatay: Ang lakas ng ulan.
Ubyang: Hindi na kaya (it's true, rain stop for a while ;) )
Tatay: Tara na, ihahatid kita.

I ride a Victory Liner Bus that will pass in SM Pampanga. On my suprise, there is no Bus nor jeep going to Clark-Main Gate as early as 5am during weekends. While still raining, the other passengers also wait since we have no choice (me too, that's the only way I know). At 6am still at the terminal, the caller keep on telling us that the jeep was on the way na, and I knew that the gunstart already started *sigh*, Im already late, but still I try my luck go. (oh by the way, my father keep on texting me where I am and if not raining on my place ;), hehe).

At last on the Clark-Main gate, I  have to ride again a jeep going to CDC office, the starting line. There are also 7 runners in the jeep going to the site (whew! hindi ako nag iisa, and i think they are kapampangan, late also, hehe ;) ).
At the starting line, I ask one of the girl (wearing organizer shirt), if race already started and she told me, "tapos na" with a slight iritation ( :( sorry naman, I'm still hoping I can run pa).

Sayang talaga, the race was so intimate, a 3-digit number runners, around 500? and everyone was smiling and happy. I came 43mins after the gunstart of 5K, so if I run the race most probably I'am already finish,
:( sayang. About more than 10 runners pa, crossing the finish line when I arrive.

I saw Sir BR ( I congratulate him, ask ko sana kung ok na ung knee nya kaso nasa shy ako, na starstruck ako - Im one of his thousands blog follower,and i love his yellow livestrong shirt hehe ) and Sir Jon (hindi ko na siya binati, nahiya ako coz i came late :( )

Here are some of the pictures:

the stage :)

Mga Batang Katutubo, already prepared for their dance number

their native dance

a very talented singers

so cute! youngest runner ^-^

oldest runner but not so old ;)

very talented singers :)

and here's the place i missed to run :(