Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ortigas Group Adination Rules! ^-^

Every Wednesday at 7PM in Mc DO Pearl Drive, adidas provide free running training with the help of lovable Kowts Luis and charming Kowts Abby plus plus the other ultramarathoner from (o d ba bigatin). I attended their second session last March 31 (I did not attended the first session, super shy ako na sumali, buti na lang kasama pala si Madz-minnie, ayun Sali na ko, sadly wala siya knina), and I’m not in the condition that time I just Finished 3 loops (1.2K each) while the others did 4 loops, and I’m also the slowest of the group, haiz, frustrating.

And today April 7, the 3rd session of Ortigas Adination, went to Mc DO with Anpaul . This time I conditioned myself, with focus and determination that I have and the banana cue that I eat I can do what the training will do. At first, we just have stretching and group run for 1.2K loop and of course the unlimited picture taking with Kowts Luis. I’m happy with the first loop as I finish it with continuous run and jog, hmmm good start for me, hehe. Then the 2nd loop will check our time, hmmm pressured again, but I told to myself, I can do it, nakakahiya kaya,hehe. First was Anpaul and Ces, then next was Drew and Lee ,wow Drew finish it with 3.++ (can remember the exact time, but he is the fastest of the group, hehe). Then Jp , Al and Arlene, and our group Doc Rellie, Jeng and Me. Coach Mar, and Coach Junnar accompany the run (shocks hindi sila napapagod kahit paulit ulit, indeed an Ultramarathoner,hehe). Kowts Luis also run many times the loop and do the sweeping. While running, I had side stitches and the pain stops me for running, so I have to walk (aw frustrating talaga). As expected I’m the slowest of the group with 8.33min/1.2K (not sure with the time but something like that). Hmmm, it’s ok I need to practice more, hehe. As Kowts Luis telling our route, I always nod and say it’s ok since I’m not familiar with the place, as I work in QC and live in Bulacan (malay ko ba dun sa sinasabi nyang St. Martin, go lang ng go, hehehe). We started run as a group, Kowts Abby lead us , and so I was left behind, thanks to Doc Rellie sa pagsabay (hay naku, mawawala ako sa Ortigas,hehe). Then Kowts Luis came, he accompany us, give some pointers, techniques and his running story (as I’m familiar coz I’m reading his blog We will stop at Tiendesitas, the first group was already resting while the three of us still running, hay it’s because of me, sadness talaga. We are done more than 5Km as Kowts Abby did the distance recording with her Garmin? (not sure), I can’t tell the exact street that we run as I’m not familiar and my first time to be in Ortigas, pasensya,hehe). Kowts Luis telling us again that we already run more than 5Km and so we will go to St. Martin and run the loop so we will finish 10Km (what! 5Km p ulit, ung ibang kasama ko fresh pa, ako wasted na,hehe) Of course, ako pa I always have the will power and determination, go run again, hehe. And this time Kowts Abby pace me, we are at the back and she’s telling me that we will run when she told so and walk when we should walk. As she told me that I should practice that command and so I follow her, I run when she told so and just walk when to do so, focus and don’t think on the pain, when she sees that I’m having a hard time she keeps on yelling me to push, push more, (that’s motivation really helps me, thanks Kowts Abby). And yes Kowts Abby do the talking while we are running, amazing girl (the real ultramarathoner, as I can’t breathe normally I can’t say anything (kahit I really want to shout, ayoko na, hehe), and so I just have to listen, I open my mind and my heart to absorb and feel what she was telling. When she told me to run going up (yes, going to St. Martin is uphill, kaya pala, now I know, hehe), I was about to give up and stop but she still insisting me and yelling, run, push, push more, the encouragement that she give, I did it. When we reach at the pole,I was about to collapsed, nahihilo na ako at namumutla (sabi nila,hehe), and yes I sit on the street, while the others are taking pictures, ako nakalupasay sa kalye, poor me, hehe. Thanks to Arlene for the Gatorade, naubos na kasi ung water ko, and also to Doc Rellie for the water, na inihilamos ko as my sweat already getting in in my eyes, ang hapdi kaya,hehe. When I recover, almost had a teary eyed, as I did not do that during the race, on a race I will walk when I want to, makulit ako e, if I feel the pain, kaya ko pa lang balewalain un kung kaya, hehe. And now we will go back to the starting point, as Kowts Abby still with me, I still follow her obediently, run when to do so and walk when to do so. I still feel the pain, side stitches, cramps but I need to focus on what I’m doing. Every stop that we did, the group always cheer me up (Jeng, Anpaul, Doc Rellie,Lee, Arlene, Ces, JP, Drew-hope I remember it all) and keep on asking me if I’m ok, thanks guys, you are all awesome. We already did more than 8Km, and we are 3Km away from the starting point. Kowts Abby still with me (thanks to her, hindi siya nagsawa and napagod) and do the run-walk. On a last km, I told her I will just walk baka kasi hindi n ako makauwi ng Bulacan, hehe. But she still encouraging me, and motivate me to run, and so I did. As we are done, I’m happy and fulfilled as we finish the 11.7Km,my longest distance and the most calories that I burn as I sweat a lot, as in. After taking pictures as part of the training, hehehe, we call it a night.

Thanks to Kowts Abby for the motivation and the training that she did to me, it helps me a lot, as I will train more and do the command religiously. Thanks to Kowts Luis for the support and everything. Thanks to Jeng, Anpaul, Doc Rellie,Lee, Arlene, Ces, JP,Drew,Al, Coach Junnar and Coach Pojie, Ortigas Adination rocks!

As I’m writing this while I’m my way to go home using my phone (naka draft lang), as in super active pa ako and the happiness still with and I want to share it. I will just narrate my story thru this , kasi pag ikuwento ko to sa mga friends and officemate ko, they will laugh at me and think I’m insane, am I?, hehehe. I arrived at home at 12:30am, fix myself and be ready to sleep as still have to work at 9am. I'll just post the picture if Kowts Luis already uploaded it, hehe.

Thanks God for the strength, courage and determination that within me. Thanks to the entire wonderful person that share the same passion with me. God bless all!

See you next Wednesday. ^-^



Kenley said...

That is really neat having a running clinic, group run like that. I wish they had that here. lol. Congrats on your 11.7 km. I had to break out with the tagalog translator a lot on this post. lol. Im learning though. I am getting the language learner from rosetta stone next month. And my wife is speaking it more at home. lol. You know, in order to getter better at anything, you just do it. I know that sounded lame, but you will get there. Even though you seem slow, now, put in the kms and the speed work and listen to your running mates. You WILL get there. By the time I get there, you will be running loops around me, I bet. Dont get frustrated, just get going. Go get em. Angit Ka. God Bless you and your family. ps, I can not wait to get there and perhaps join in on some of these group things myself.

Kenley said...

btw, as always, thank you very much for visiting my site. You know every comment is good motivation.

MinnieRunner said...

Nice one Jhuvy! That's the determination!

I missed adiNation, pity me!!!

Gingerbreadman said...

Wow Juvy, you really showed us that you're made of stern stuff! So proud! See you on Wednesday :P

Mar Marilag said...

...and we again on Wednesday!

juvy said...

@ Kenley Thanks again my dear!.Yeah running in a group is much much enjoyable.. I really learned a lot from the others. And running clinic like this, really help to motivate newbies like me, and its for free :). My apology for my tagalog giving you a hard time,hehe, as I'm just describing my real feelings, hehehe..I'm happy that you learn from my tagalog, if you have questions, ask me :).
When you got home, here in the Phils, you will enjoy the running community, hehehe..Hope to run to you soon.. Thanks again!

juvy said...

@ Madz haiz, sayang talaga wala wed ha, see yah! ^-^

juvy said...

@ Kowts Luis super thank you for the support..You and Kowts Abby really helps us.. see you on wednesday :)..

rqst: i grab the pic from your FB, can I used it here?..thanks po

juvy said...

@ coach Mar yup, sa wed po ulit..hmmm, i think ma suprise ulit ako, hehehe.. Thanks po..^-^

Jhon Michael said...

Nice blog! I really salute you for your fighting spirit! With will and determination is really essential for a runner outdo himself. Good job and kudos! See you tonight!