Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a different way to Celebrate Christmas!!!

a message from a Dear Friend. :)

Hi Papa & Mama,

I hope you received my previous email/message regarding He Cares Foundation Street Children Caring Center. I am fervently wishing that you'll join me and my other friends in this good cause. To reiterate, on December 26, 2010, we will be going to He Cares Foundation Street Children Caring Center to give the kids our monetary donations and a simple Christmas party. Aside from lunch that we will provide for the party, we will also be giving away school supplies, a pair of rubber slippers for every child, a few prices for the games, toiletries, groceries, old clothes and other things that they might need.
If possible, we hope to receive your donations, either monetary or in kind by December 20, 2010. This is for the preparation of the lunch and gifts that we'll be giving to the children. We also encourage you to donate monetarily so we can buy the items that the children need most.

Please take note for monetary donations:

1. BDO "Cash Pick up Anywhere"

2. Western Union Money Transfer

Note: Kindly text me your name, amount of donation and control number or tracking number of your transaction.

For donations in kind, please contact me :)

We hope to hear from you soon and we hope you can help us in making this Christmas happy and memorable for the children of He Cares Foundation Street Children Caring Center.

Again Advanced Merry Christmas and God Bless!

Thank you,

Ronnie :-) .

NOTE: hope we can raise fund for the CHILDREN, so we can celebrate Christmas with them too. Excited on this activity. Thanks Ronnie for sharing this ...Thanks God for everything.

Maligayang Pasko sa Lahat!!!! :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm Back! :)

More than a month since my last blog. Been very busy with my work.
But i have a lot of things to thank about. :)

1. a new job that keeps me busy, hehe. New knowledge and new career. Being in a Corporate world is very different in Operations, much wider knowledge and network ;)
2. Registered in TBR, a dream marathon (so totoo na to, i don't want to waste my Php1800 for nothing) Training Mode is now ON.
3. Been part of the of the Ultra marathoners group, the "Team Boring" , they are all my inspirations, some of the members are my coaches, a virtual coaches as I'm following their blogs and thru their blog post, i keep motivated and encourage to run, (their blogs touches my life without their knowledge ;) )
4. Registered already for QCIM, my first HM, so this is pansit! (how i wish :) )

-a sweet thought-

Thursday, September 16, 2010



October 2, 2010

Livestrong Day Manila Philippines 2010

On LIVESTRONG Day we come together to raise awareness and funds for the fight against cancer.

Hosted By: Ortigas & Co. with PhilMofo

Location: Frontera Drive, Tiendesitas, Pasig City

Click here for route.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

just simply being me

These past few months, so many things happened to my life. A very roller coaster feeling, sad, happy, confused, complicated, excited, fullfilled and others.

May – met my long time friend, and happily he become my boyfriend (for being single of many years, yes I’m in a relationship :) )

June – one of the best birthdays I ever had, first time to visit Bohol and Cebu. I also treat my parents for my father 66th birthday in Cebu (there first time to ride on an airplane)

July – saddest part as I need to be far away to my BF, its hard since I’m still adjusting from being single into in a relationship then being alone again. He leaves me because he needs to work abroad.

August – emotional struggle, have to decide for my future. Go with my work application abroad, in other company locally, or in other department only. I just want a new environment, new work, and new challenges. I decided to just transfer to other department, same company where I’m in, at first I was not allowed to transfer since one of my colleague resigned, so ok, I accept it. Since I just want something new, I decided to rent a room near in our office, yes after 6 years of working, travelling everyday from Bulacan to Quezon City, I tried to board. My first time to live away from our home after 29 years of existence.

September – confused moment, HR called me and informed me that my application to transfer to other department was approved by our Division Head. Hmmm, confused because my Boss, my Department Head, and other spoke to me not to push through my transfer (I understand their reason, and it’s hard for me to decide). I talked to my Kuya (my ever reliable confider) and some of my friends, all of them say, do what I want to do. So I push through my application, already talked to HR and my future boss (and I know, the new job will be very challenging to me). So I know I have to leave again the boarding house since I will transfer to our other office next month. I will have to buy a new set of dress, from NOC Engineer (super casual wear) to Customer Engineer (corporate attire), a different world, hopefully I can make it, I should do.

- Complicated also as I don’t have communication with my BF, I missed him.

- Excited and fulfilled, as I climbed a mountain, yes I did it. My first climb at Mt. Tapulao ( i will write a blog on this)

I’m looking forward for the next month, I know this will be very challenging, but I’m pretty sure, I will do the best. Being professional on my new job (need to study again), being passionate and determined on things I want to do (running, climbing, and other) and being a much better person.

Thank you...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


not in may normal senses these past few days......

boggling thoughts.... ◄►

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


1st Takbo sa Malolos Para Sa Kasaysayan.
We are proud to announce the first ever "TAKBO PARA SA KASAYSAYAN"  in MALOLOS to be held on September 15, 2010 at 5:00AM The program will be participated by HON. Mayor Chistian Natividad and all newly elected city government officers, kick off will be from Barasoain Church. It is one of the major event on the coming anniversary of MALOLOS CONGRESS.

note: don't have all the details yet, but i will definitely join this event even if I have to file a vacation leave since this will be happening on weekdays :)...Kitakits! ^-^

Friday, August 20, 2010

Diliman Friendship Run - 2nd Company Fun Run :)

Diliman Friendship Run is a company event that aims to build camaraderie, wellness and fun amongst employees from both Bayan and Sky. The event also invited family and friends of the employees to join them.

everyone have this in their email :)

me, leading the "oath of sportmanship" feeling runner talaga ;)
having fun while doing the stretching
friendship run, so i met new friend from HSBC, thanks for participating the run. :)
strong finish?..toinks, bakit all smile pa sa camera, hehehe
one of the boys? hehe
muse?..nahh, it so happen that I'm the only girl participating in our Department, hehe :)
and the winner is....Congratulations!!!!

Thanks to all who participated on our 2nd Fun Run, Bayan and Sky Cable. Looking forward on the next run.

Thanks God for this happy weekend though I'm still hurting ;).

Monday, August 9, 2010

Takbo para sa Katutubo Race -- and im late :(

I was so excited and prepared for Takbo para sa Katutubo. My brother registered me for this race (I keep on texting and email him just to register me, since he is not so approve on my running activities, hehe) I get my race packet on their home in Pampanga, a one  hour ride in our place.
My race packet had a T-Shirt, 2 Bib Numbers (front and back) and the Race map.

I knew I can get to the place on time, from Malolos just an hour to SM Pampanga or less. Woke up at 3am with rain pours heavily, I texted my brother if also raining in Clark (he works in Clark and a night shift on that day) and as per him no, rain laredy stop. So fix myself and ready to go. As my usual Race discussion with my Father (everytime i will go for a race)
Tatay: Saan ka tatakbo?
Ubyang: Sa Clark
Tatay: Sino kasama mo?
Ubyang: Marami nandun na sila (kahit wala naman, hehe)
Tatay: Saan ka sasakay?
Ubyang: Sakay ako ng Victory Liner Bus.
Tatay: Sigurado ka alam mo ung pupuntahan mo? Dito ka na lang tumakbo, bakit pupunta ka pa dun?
Ubyang: Opo, naka ready na nga ako e.
Tatay: Ang lakas ng ulan.
Ubyang: Hindi na kaya (it's true, rain stop for a while ;) )
Tatay: Tara na, ihahatid kita.

I ride a Victory Liner Bus that will pass in SM Pampanga. On my suprise, there is no Bus nor jeep going to Clark-Main Gate as early as 5am during weekends. While still raining, the other passengers also wait since we have no choice (me too, that's the only way I know). At 6am still at the terminal, the caller keep on telling us that the jeep was on the way na, and I knew that the gunstart already started *sigh*, Im already late, but still I try my luck go. (oh by the way, my father keep on texting me where I am and if not raining on my place ;), hehe).

At last on the Clark-Main gate, I  have to ride again a jeep going to CDC office, the starting line. There are also 7 runners in the jeep going to the site (whew! hindi ako nag iisa, and i think they are kapampangan, late also, hehe ;) ).
At the starting line, I ask one of the girl (wearing organizer shirt), if race already started and she told me, "tapos na" with a slight iritation ( :( sorry naman, I'm still hoping I can run pa).

Sayang talaga, the race was so intimate, a 3-digit number runners, around 500? and everyone was smiling and happy. I came 43mins after the gunstart of 5K, so if I run the race most probably I'am already finish,
:( sayang. About more than 10 runners pa, crossing the finish line when I arrive.

I saw Sir BR ( I congratulate him, ask ko sana kung ok na ung knee nya kaso nasa shy ako, na starstruck ako - Im one of his thousands blog follower,and i love his yellow livestrong shirt hehe ) and Sir Jon (hindi ko na siya binati, nahiya ako coz i came late :( )

Here are some of the pictures:

the stage :)

Mga Batang Katutubo, already prepared for their dance number

their native dance

a very talented singers

so cute! youngest runner ^-^

oldest runner but not so old ;)

very talented singers :)

and here's the place i missed to run :(

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Takbo para sa Katutubo

Takbo para sa Katutubo

WHEN: 08.08. 2010, 6AM
WHERE: Clark Parade Ground, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga
DISTANCE: 10K (PhP 400), 5K (PhP 300), and 2.5K (PhP 200)

REGISTRATION is at CDC Tourism Office, Clark Freeport Zone (Mondays to Fridays from 9AM to 4PM) or ABS-CBN Pampanga and includes T-shirt and Race Bib

Last day for race packet redemption is on 07 August 2010 from 9AM to 5PM in front of CDC Bldg. 2125 Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga

For further inquiries and registration, please see attached poster.

Cash prizes:
1st P4,000.00 P4,000.00
2nd 2,500.00 2,500.00
3rd 1,500.00 1,500.00

1st P2,500.00 P2,500.00
2nd 1,500.00 1,500.00
3rd 1,000.00 1,000.00

P 500.00 P 500.00

>> i hope my brother will register me on this race. And sana may work siya nun so he can drive me to the site. I really want to join on this race. ^-^

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

isang gabi sa UP

One night run in UP. First time ni Jack mag run sa UP, as in first time nya ring tumakbo,knowing him as super bagal maglakad (mahinhin kasi ;) ), ano kaya mangyayari sa amin, hehehe. He did 2 loops in UP Acad Oval (4.4Km). Since first time nya, more on kwentuhan mode and motivating him to run (naks, I'm just sharing what i learned from ANR-Ortigas group, though hindi ko rin masyado na aaply, hehe). Nag register kasi siya for our Company's 2nd Fun Run, he will be running 3K. Ako, I did 3 loops (6.6KM), nabitin ako sa takbo, hehe. I hope Jack will enjoy running. :) para madalas ko siya maaya sa UP, ng hindi na ako loner, hehehe.

running? :P

enjoying the run?

body building ba? hehehe

photowalk o photorun?

syempre ako din

salamat sa locker sa ECON Bldg.

takbo pa! ^-^

pagod na si jack.. :)

Thanks Jack! I hope maaya ko na rin sila Lai at Linne.

just a simple thought! ^-^

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a fulfilling weekend ^-^

July 24, 2010
Sitio Binayoyo Elementary School in Barangay Kalawis, Boso Boso Rizal
Society of Mountaineering Berks (Samahan ng Mountainering Barkadas)
SMILE - SMBmountaineers In-Live Experience
Had a wonderful Saturday with my newly found family SMB, though hindi pa ako nakasama sa mga climb nila, they accept me to be part of them. It’s a good feeling to see kids smiling and laughing, kahit ramdam mo ung hirap nila, they are still striving and thankful for what they have. Kahit umulan at umaraw, they are still excited on little things that we offer. They participated to the games that we prepared and they showed their talents in dancing and singing. Thanks to SMB for this wonderful project, looking forward in our next S.M.I.L.E ^-^. Thanks to the sponsors, those who donated books, laptops and others; the students, teachers, parents and principal truly thankful for what they receive. This project will not be shown in on air, but in the eyes of God, He will be delighted that every one of us is helping each others. Thanks to all.

others picture >> by Sir Jim
Photo by Mam Gladys Freznosa and Sir Jimmar D. Lagazo


July 25, 2010

A much awaited running event of the year, the Runfest. I was thinking twice if I’ll join the race or not. First, I’m so tired on Saturday activity in Antipolo; second, nahihiya ako (shocks, I really don’t know why) third, sobrang lakas ng ulan sa amin on that morning. But when I see my singlet with personalized name, hmmmm, I should go and besides I will be meeting Madz and ANR-Ortigas group so I know I will not be left alone ;). Since it raining that morning, I’m late and wasn’t able to joined to Madz and friends so I just travel alone to The Fort. I just really don’t know pero when I’m approaching the area to left my bag, kinakabahan ako, excited? Saan? Sa race? Nahihiya kasi mag isa lang ako? Wala akong makitang kakilala? O I saw my crush? :P..hehehe basta . I left my bag in a baggage area, then go to the starting line, I arrive a minute before the 10K gunstart so since I’ll be running 5K, I still have enough time to look for any familiar faces, sadly wala akong nakita, naiinggit ako to those with their friends and buddy? Haiz ako I’m alone, lagi na lang, hehehe. The race started, I run and go at the leftmost on the lane as I know I will be walking most of the time, ayaw kong maging abala sa iba, hehe. I’m not familiar with the place, as always, so I cannot tell where I saw Ric, officemate ko,nag volunteer siya under Coach Mar, I’m happy to see him, yes may kakilala na ko, hehe. When Ric saw me, of course he ask, sino kasama mo?..hehehe ako lang. Then I run again, somewhere along the road, I saw Lee of ANR-Ortigas, I called his name, his running for 10K, and he greeted me also. Ayun, nasa tabi ko pala si Doc Rellie, kasama ko din sa ANR-Ortigas, kaya thanks to him, kasi sinabayan nya ako hangang sa matapos ang race. I also saw Kuya AH, one of the volunteer and a performer :) , Kuya ___ (suplado :P). The ANR-Ortigas group, friends I met in TNF-Baguio, Julius and friends and others Lahat masaya, lahat nakangiti, lahat nagpapa picture. Napagod ako kakahanap ng Personalized banderitas ko, buti na lang Jeng found it, thanks girl, wala akong tiyag e, hehe. And I have picture with Coach Rio,un un e, hehe. Thanks to Pedz and his friend Rolly, na isinabay ako pauwi, thanks guys ;). Thanks to for organizing this event Anniversary Fun Run, a very fun sunny Sunday, looking forward on the next event. Thanks sa lahat, sa organizer, sa photographer, sa volunteer, sa runner, sa lahat that this event made possbile. Thanks. :)

Rank BIB # Name Time Distance

643 1332 Juvy M. Pagtalunan 0:42:03 5

thanks Sir Carlo of for this awesome pic :) with Doc Rellie

To this wonderful, tiring, fulfilling, exciting weekend, I Thank God.  :) :) :) ^-^