Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why running? ☻☻☻

…boggling thoughts… ♣♣♣

I run through races. I joined races to support the charitable institution or foundation. I know by simply joining the race I already support and help them in my own way.
I run because it gives me peace of mind and time to think, it’s like detoxifying my body and mind, releasing all the bad energy.
I run because I want to test my body, my capabilities, determination and strength.
I run because I simply enjoy running.
I run because I appreciate the beauty of nature more, appreciate and be thankful for what I have.
I run because I’m happy and inspired to see runners who are at their best, though they do it for personal fulfillment or with a reason.
I run because I can go to different places.
I run because I want to escape, (personal reasons).
I run because for me this one of an adventure that I want to try.
I run because at the back of my mind I know it is one of my childhood dreams, to run fast, to run longer distance.
I run beacuse I want to meet new friends who shares their ideas and thoughts and vice versa.


MinnieRunner said...

Ei, congratulations on your first 10k. Mag-isa ka lang tumatakbo? You can join us if you want. :) Hope to see you sa UNILAB. Ako naman mag-10K nun. Hindi ako sumali sa DZMM kasi I am limiting my runs to at least 2x a month.

For me, I ran because I wanted to have an exercise. And I just fell in love with it. No other sports provides me such fulfillment. "Crossing the Finish Line", only runners knows how it feels.

I am Xprosaic said...

Good for you! ako gusto kong tumakbo... i just do'nt have enough time and will to do it... jijijijijiji

d-loner-runner said...

@Xprosaic..just try once, and for sure..you'll gonna enjoy it..:)

c-chan said...

"I run because I want to escape" #relate ma :) escape sa mga stressful na naiisip...hihihi