Monday, February 15, 2010

♥ a Valentine Treat...♥

I started my year with a Great and Fun Run.
At first I'm hesitant to join on this race coz I dont know where to register,though I asked at the forum I still don't know how to get there,hehe. But since I invited my friend Gemma, who is new to running that this would be our Valentine's Date (or she say a Single Awareness day, hehe) . We still go, I told her that if there is no onsite registration we will just run/walk with the runners. At 4:00am in the morning, we are already at bus on our way to Luneta.
When we are at the starting line, we look for the possible onsite registration, and Thanks God there is, we signed up already for 5KM run for P100 (so cheap,hehe) and they give the BIB number, as per them finisher shirt will be given at the Finish Line, but for me for P100 reg fee i did'nt expect anything. :)
As the race begin exactly 6:00AM, me and Gemma had a great run/walk as we saw the Pulis, AFP and the Philippine Team running as a group, they are also singing (so cute, hehe) and also a lot of students who joinded (i just don't know if it is compulsory to them to attend since some are not enjoying or just there bcoz its needed..:) )
At first at the race, me and gemma run and walk side by side, but after the U turn, I left Gemma and I run and walk till the finish line, at finish line I saw a lot marshall saying, "malapit na" and saw may time at big Timer for 50:55 (mm:ss).
I run back to cheer Gemma, and so i saw her smiling, finishing her 5K run.
There's a lot of booth at the place, we got are finisher shirt and free tikoy. Lot of food, misua and rice meal (like chao pan in chowking,i don't like the food do i got my hot misua), ensaymada, gatorade and milo. Even the people around(not runners) also get their free food (that's how generous the Filipino-Chinese, hehe). Then a program that we can't watched because of the heat and sun, we can't stay any longer at the place coz we really feel the heat at our body.
All in all I had fun for my first 5K run for this year, my first Valentine date, and my first tim to wear my new merrell shoes in a race. Thumbs UP for the organizer. :)


I am Xprosaic said...

Hahahahahhaha ayos ah... that's gud! a healthy way to enjoy and to bond with friends... jijijijiji

d-loner-runner said...

yup @Xprosaic, my valentine date also with my single friend, hehehe..thanks for dropping by..just new into blogging, pede paturo sayo?,hehehe ^_^

MinnieRunner said...

Ano ung Merrell shoes mo? I'm planning to buy one para sa Merrell Adventure Run :) I won't be wearing my running shoes for that trail run.