Monday, February 22, 2010

First 10KM Run/Walk.

I register for the Century Run for 10KM, why? (since I don’t have training at all, ang weird nh!, and this is not yabang)
First, I just wanted to test on my capabilities, kung hangang saan ang kaya ko. Second I just wanted to try the place, first time to run in BHS,

I ‘m late for the 10KM gun start, I was with 5KM runner, and at the last since I can’t go in front because there’s a lot of runners. When the 5K runners turn left, that’s the time I saw myself running alone, only few late 10K runners are left. I’m not familiar with the place so I have to check all the signage, follow the marshal and see to it that I was not left behind with the other 10K runner.

I must admit I’m not a runner since I had to walk most of the time, because my right leg and stomach is really aching, also I’m having a hard time breathing. I’m sorry to all the runner who was annoyed with me since I’m only walking, I know some of them are not happy seeing someone walking in a race , my apology. And I want to thank some of the runners that pass me along the way who says encouraging word “kaya mo yan, takbo pa” while smiling at me, I feel the sincerity on it . Thank you.

As I run/walk alone, I was thinking, why I’m doing this were in fact I didn’t get 100% support of my family (they can’t still understand why). I also thinking, that I had to register pa para makapamasyal sa Bonifacio Global City, hehehe. I envy those runner who consistently run on their pace, hoping that I can do the same (maybe if I train  ).

My last few meters is the hardest part, I was about to give up, but in my mind “ I will finish the race quitting is not an option” (paulit ulit ko tong sinasabi sa isip ko ), I finish the 9K so I will finish it, though I heard the marshal at their post “alis na tayo, kaya na ni ate yan while laughing at me” and the guard said “mam aabot ka pa, with that not so good smile” . I really feel the pain but I have to finish the race.

On my few meters away to the finish line, I saw BR at the parking lot beside his car, half naked, smiling at me and encourage me to run, and also some 21K runner who at my side, keep on telling “kaya pa yan”. I run as much as I can, I was about to collapsed since I have a zero visibility already but this 21K runner told “smile para sa picture, while his hand go up” , thanks to you  .

When I step on the finish line, I was relieved “thanks God, natapos ko”, also I’m happy when I heard my name announced that I already finished. (I’m not after on the PR or time, my goal is to finish the race, and I did )

I crossed the finish line alone, indeed a lonely runner ; I really want to cry at that time, I envy other runner with their family who are patiently waiting for them, I still wish I had with me , I know I have friends , though not physically present but in spirit they are in me , thanks to them . Nowhere to go, I just go with the other runner, going to the village for the freebies, food and water. Thanks for the goods organizer.

Note: thanks to Sir mike and Kuya (their driver) for the vehicle and picture, I know they waited for me so long. Thanks to Cris (Sir Mike’s friend) for the breakfast. Thanks to all those who prayed for me, they knew who they are. Thanks God I finish my 10KM Run/Walk.   


Every time I got home from a run, I just told to my Family
On the Run for your Heart – “Tay, Nay I run 5K to get free tikoy ”
On the Century Run – “Tay, Nay I run 10K for this free bag ”
When I’m telling them my story, ok they will listen but they did not feel how I feel, I understand them; I should because I knew them. But at least lagi nila akong hinahatid, pinapaalalahanan, since I will be travelling as early as 4:00am to Manila, I know pinapakaba ko sila everytime na aalis ako but still pinapayagan nila ko, because they knew I’m happy doing it. Thanks them. 


MinnieRunner said...

Wow, that was something! San ka nagwowork? Maybe you could join us each time sa training run namin sa UP. It will help you develop the endurance that you needed para sa nonstop running. As for me, I can only stay as long as probably 3K, then I have to walk for a few minutes or so.

Don't be ashamed to walk, even marathoners do that for recovery.

d-loner-runner said...

Hi madz! Thanks. Sige sama ko minsan. Sa QC lang ako work 6PM out ko sa office. Tuwing kelan kayo nag run sa UP? Thanks again. ^_^

MinnieRunner said...

Great! Pareho pala tayong QC. We normally run every Fridays. Pero natigil kasi we attended the UNILAB's running clinic.

d-loner-runner said...

ok sige. balitaan mo ko pag mag run kayo sa UP ha. pa add po ako sa YM - po! ^_^