Wednesday, February 10, 2010

my first time...(though its been a year already)

(this is a very late story but still fresh from my mind and heart )

May 31,2009 my first Fun race. My officemate marky_mark invited me for this Fun Run for the benefits of K.I.D.S foundation. I easily said yes because I knew I can help the foundation by simple registering. Days before the event already have question in mind, this is a race, a 5KM race, I’m a laid back girl, and I don’t have any sports. I don’t know how to run (that’s true coz I haven’t tried it), what shoes to wear(I’m not fan of wearing rubber shoes),what will I wear(is it need that I wear shorts). Even with a lot of question in mind, I’m excited.
The run will start at 6:00 in the morning, I can’t sleep on that night because of the excitement and nervousness. Marky already texted me at 4:00am to be ready , wearing my converse shoes (that’s the only rubber shoes that I have L), my jogging pants and the singlet provided. I have to travel as early as I can since I will be coming from Bulacan going to UP.
A lot of first time happen on that day.
First time in UP at 6:00AM (since I attended class their at 6:00Pm onwards)
First time to attend a Fun Run event (I did not expect that I will see a lot of runner, even Marky told me that there are 3 races happen on that day)
First time to run (wow, as in first time)
First time..basta first…
Gun start, every one run,I run too, Marky run with me (pace with, only knew the word recently) But I told him to run fast (kasi sobrang bagal ko, nahihiya ako) because I can sustain my breathing so I have to walk.
Run-walk-run-walk.. can’t imagine how long I already did, just enjoying the scenery.
Run-walk-run-walk..appreciate more the beauty of nature (I’m a nature lover since I grew up in a province)
Run-walk-run-walk…feel the peace of mind, serenity and making plans in future
Run-walk-run-walk..i keep on smiling as I pass by all the marshal and support shouting all encouraging words.
Run-walk-run-walk..i already want to stop, but I can’t..i don’t want to give up..that’s the last thing I would do.
Run-walk-run-walk..i saw the finish line, saw Marky smiling at me. (since then I called Marky as my coach who introduced me into this whole new world.)

After that run I realized that I found a new sport that I will enjoy. A day to remember, that I knew myself well.

RUN with the K.I.D.S. 31-May-09 UP DILIMAN 680 0:49:03

I thought im the last runner to pass the finish line, but Im not. Though I’m happy since I finish the race with smile at my face. And have pictures of Diether. J J J


MinnieRunner said...

Run-Walk-Run-Walk - there's nothing to be ashamed of. Ganyan din ako, he he he.. As long as we cross the finish line :) Go girl!

d-loner-runner said...

hehehe..yup! long as we enjoy what we are doing..^_^