Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm Back! :)

More than a month since my last blog. Been very busy with my work.
But i have a lot of things to thank about. :)

1. a new job that keeps me busy, hehe. New knowledge and new career. Being in a Corporate world is very different in Operations, much wider knowledge and network ;)
2. Registered in TBR, a dream marathon (so totoo na to, i don't want to waste my Php1800 for nothing) Training Mode is now ON.
3. Been part of the of the Ultra marathoners group, the "Team Boring" , they are all my inspirations, some of the members are my coaches, a virtual coaches as I'm following their blogs and thru their blog post, i keep motivated and encourage to run, (their blogs touches my life without their knowledge ;) )
4. Registered already for QCIM, my first HM, so this is it..so pansit! (how i wish :) )

-a sweet thought-


journeyingjames said...

welcome back! TBR TBR, train train train

journeyingjames said...

papalit na pla ng blog link ko,,hehe thanks!

jhuvy said...

thanks james..already change your link..i miss also reading your post!..see you when i see you! :)

MinnieRunner said...

WOW! Level up kung level up! Kaya mo 'yan Juvy! I know you can :)