Friday, August 20, 2010

Diliman Friendship Run - 2nd Company Fun Run :)

Diliman Friendship Run is a company event that aims to build camaraderie, wellness and fun amongst employees from both Bayan and Sky. The event also invited family and friends of the employees to join them.

everyone have this in their email :)

me, leading the "oath of sportmanship" feeling runner talaga ;)
having fun while doing the stretching
friendship run, so i met new friend from HSBC, thanks for participating the run. :)
strong finish?..toinks, bakit all smile pa sa camera, hehehe
one of the boys? hehe
muse?..nahh, it so happen that I'm the only girl participating in our Department, hehe :)
and the winner is....Congratulations!!!!

Thanks to all who participated on our 2nd Fun Run, Bayan and Sky Cable. Looking forward on the next run.

Thanks God for this happy weekend though I'm still hurting ;).

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