Tuesday, September 14, 2010

just simply being me

These past few months, so many things happened to my life. A very roller coaster feeling, sad, happy, confused, complicated, excited, fullfilled and others.

May – met my long time friend, and happily he become my boyfriend (for being single of many years, yes I’m in a relationship :) )

June – one of the best birthdays I ever had, first time to visit Bohol and Cebu. I also treat my parents for my father 66th birthday in Cebu (there first time to ride on an airplane)

July – saddest part as I need to be far away to my BF, its hard since I’m still adjusting from being single into in a relationship then being alone again. He leaves me because he needs to work abroad.

August – emotional struggle, have to decide for my future. Go with my work application abroad, in other company locally, or in other department only. I just want a new environment, new work, and new challenges. I decided to just transfer to other department, same company where I’m in, at first I was not allowed to transfer since one of my colleague resigned, so ok, I accept it. Since I just want something new, I decided to rent a room near in our office, yes after 6 years of working, travelling everyday from Bulacan to Quezon City, I tried to board. My first time to live away from our home after 29 years of existence.

September – confused moment, HR called me and informed me that my application to transfer to other department was approved by our Division Head. Hmmm, confused because my Boss, my Department Head, and other spoke to me not to push through my transfer (I understand their reason, and it’s hard for me to decide). I talked to my Kuya (my ever reliable confider) and some of my friends, all of them say, do what I want to do. So I push through my application, already talked to HR and my future boss (and I know, the new job will be very challenging to me). So I know I have to leave again the boarding house since I will transfer to our other office next month. I will have to buy a new set of dress, from NOC Engineer (super casual wear) to Customer Engineer (corporate attire), a different world, hopefully I can make it, I should do.

- Complicated also as I don’t have communication with my BF, I missed him.

- Excited and fulfilled, as I climbed a mountain, yes I did it. My first climb at Mt. Tapulao ( i will write a blog on this)

I’m looking forward for the next month, I know this will be very challenging, but I’m pretty sure, I will do the best. Being professional on my new job (need to study again), being passionate and determined on things I want to do (running, climbing, and other) and being a much better person.

Thank you...

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MinnieRunner said...

Wow naman Juvy, "in a relationship" ka na pala ngayon. Akala ko pa naman magiging pinsan kita, ha ha :)

Anyway, ganun talaga, we all have to go through this roller coaster ride, ang mahalaga, 'wag tayong masuka after ng ride db? :)

Takbo tayo mamaya aNR :)

Si Pedz nagresign na, iniwan na ako, ha ha. Pero tatakbo pa rin kami no matter what :P