Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a fulfilling weekend ^-^

July 24, 2010
Sitio Binayoyo Elementary School in Barangay Kalawis, Boso Boso Rizal
Society of Mountaineering Berks (Samahan ng Mountainering Barkadas)
SMILE - SMBmountaineers In-Live Experience
Had a wonderful Saturday with my newly found family SMB, though hindi pa ako nakasama sa mga climb nila, they accept me to be part of them. It’s a good feeling to see kids smiling and laughing, kahit ramdam mo ung hirap nila, they are still striving and thankful for what they have. Kahit umulan at umaraw, they are still excited on little things that we offer. They participated to the games that we prepared and they showed their talents in dancing and singing. Thanks to SMB for this wonderful project, looking forward in our next S.M.I.L.E ^-^. Thanks to the sponsors, those who donated books, laptops and others; the students, teachers, parents and principal truly thankful for what they receive. This project will not be shown in on air, but in the eyes of God, He will be delighted that every one of us is helping each others. Thanks to all.

others picture >> by Sir Jim
Photo by Mam Gladys Freznosa and Sir Jimmar D. Lagazo


July 25, 2010

A much awaited running event of the year, the Takbo.ph Runfest. I was thinking twice if I’ll join the race or not. First, I’m so tired on Saturday activity in Antipolo; second, nahihiya ako (shocks, I really don’t know why) third, sobrang lakas ng ulan sa amin on that morning. But when I see my singlet with personalized name, hmmmm, I should go and besides I will be meeting Madz and ANR-Ortigas group so I know I will not be left alone ;). Since it raining that morning, I’m late and wasn’t able to joined to Madz and friends so I just travel alone to The Fort. I just really don’t know pero when I’m approaching the area to left my bag, kinakabahan ako, excited? Saan? Sa race? Nahihiya kasi mag isa lang ako? Wala akong makitang kakilala? O I saw my crush? :P..hehehe basta . I left my bag in a baggage area, then go to the starting line, I arrive a minute before the 10K gunstart so since I’ll be running 5K, I still have enough time to look for any familiar faces, sadly wala akong nakita, naiinggit ako to those with their friends and buddy? Haiz ako I’m alone, lagi na lang, hehehe. The race started, I run and go at the leftmost on the lane as I know I will be walking most of the time, ayaw kong maging abala sa iba, hehe. I’m not familiar with the place, as always, so I cannot tell where I saw Ric, officemate ko,nag volunteer siya under Coach Mar, I’m happy to see him, yes may kakilala na ko, hehe. When Ric saw me, of course he ask, sino kasama mo?..hehehe ako lang. Then I run again, somewhere along the road, I saw Lee of ANR-Ortigas, I called his name, his running for 10K, and he greeted me also. Ayun, nasa tabi ko pala si Doc Rellie, kasama ko din sa ANR-Ortigas, kaya thanks to him, kasi sinabayan nya ako hangang sa matapos ang race. I also saw Kuya AH, one of the volunteer and a performer :) , Kuya ___ (suplado :P). The ANR-Ortigas group, friends I met in TNF-Baguio, Julius and friends and others Takbo.ph. Lahat masaya, lahat nakangiti, lahat nagpapa picture. Napagod ako kakahanap ng Personalized banderitas ko, buti na lang Jeng found it, thanks girl, wala akong tiyag e, hehe. And I have picture with Coach Rio,un un e, hehe. Thanks to Pedz and his friend Rolly, na isinabay ako pauwi, thanks guys ;). Thanks to Takbo.ph for organizing this event Anniversary Fun Run, a very fun sunny Sunday, looking forward on the next event. Thanks sa lahat, sa organizer, sa photographer, sa volunteer, sa runner, sa lahat that this event made possbile. Thanks. :)

Rank BIB # Name Time Distance

643 1332 Juvy M. Pagtalunan 0:42:03 5

thanks Sir Carlo of Takbo.ph for this awesome pic :) with Doc Rellie

To this wonderful, tiring, fulfilling, exciting weekend, I Thank God.  :) :) :) ^-^

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