Monday, March 15, 2010

A true wellness RUN from UNILAB

--not so good result for a runner, but its ok, i had FUN it's all that matters :)--

--hindi masyadong halata na crush ko si Coach Rio, hehehe--

--Alvin Patrimonio is the best, sobrang bait :) --

--oh my pawisan na, hehehe--

--napapapikit sa sarap o sa hirap,hehehe :)--

--ako pala kinukunan dito,hehehe :) --

Last March 7, 2010 I attended the Run United for Wellness with AnPaul (the one who invited me for this race, thanks to him :) ), and I enjoyed every step I made on the race. I truly felt the Bayanihan, the Filipino trait of working together to achieve a common goal, as the Unilab wanted to have, a true unity for everyone. They provide the race for the runner, for the people not for their marketing strategy.
This time I only run 5Km, new route for me in Bonifacio Global City. As I run, I saw 21km runners, on the other side of the lane. I truly admire the runner who go on the distance, and run with passion. I’m not a true runner (I must say :) ) I just find running an enjoyable sport, and for me as long as you enjoy what your doing is more than enough :). Every race I registered I really tried my best to run but since, im just new and doesn’t have a training, I just enjoyed the race, the place, the people I saw…simply seeing them helps me a lot to be more enthusiastic to learn. Especially the younger ones and older ones who run fast than on my age, .
After running 48 minutes, I saw my name at the screen and the host announcing my name, I already finish the 5km run, thanks God . No bottleneck at the finish line, from the starting line to the finish line, the run is a very well organized. I went to the village to look for AnPaul who finish the race first. We got are loot bag, a nice loot bag, with a lot of freebies on it. If the race cost more than the other, from the freebies they gave, you will not say that they get from the runner its more than they give. I really enjoyed the freebies since all of the products is the one that our family uses. From the Biogesic, the only paracetamol that I take (as JL said INGAT!), the PH care that I used (thanks to them I will not buy for at least 3 months :) ), the Myra E for the sunblock, the Enervon C, the Alaxan and a lot lot more. I also enjoyed the photobooth though I’m only one at the picture (I envy others who at the photobooth with friends :( ). I also played the games to get additional freebies like Manny Pacquio limited edition t’shirt, bags and may more.
Overall I enjoyed the race, from the run, from the people behind, from the runners and the freebies they gave. I went home, having a hard time carrying my bag because of the gift that they give .
I also salute them for providing information thru SMS. :)

2327: ULRUNUNITED Thank you 4 running with us! Unilab is always committed provide trusted quality healthcare. We hope u continue ur journey to great health.
2327: ULRUNUNITED Hi! Your race results & photos are now available at &

As every race I joined I really thank the organizer behind on it as they give happiness and smile for every runners.

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MinnieRunner said...

Go Juvy! Run for as long as you enjoy it :)