Wednesday, March 24, 2010

am I ready for a Trail Run ?

registered already, and this will be happening on Sunday na. A 10Km trail run, am i ready for this? "wondering!" :)

"The 4th ATKOM will again feature a 10K trail run, a well as an 18K cross country mountain bike race through the roads and trails of Timberland Heights in San Mateo."

registered already. A 5Km trail run with 1 hour cut off time. "adventure" :)

"Adventure running is the sport of running over a variety of surfaces (dirt, road, mountain, sand), generally over long distances, where the racer has to overcome nature. Challenges include river crossing, rock scrambling, varied altitudes and other forms of natural obstacles. Routes are often point-to-point and scenic."

registered already. A 11Km trail run with 3 hours cut off time in Baguio. "exciting" :)

"The North Face is inviting everyone to our big event this year, the The North Face 100 which aims to test the limits of human endurance. The North Face 100 this year will be held in Baguio and will be holding 11K, 22K, 50K and 100K races"


Lord, give me courage to finish for every race that i join.
I know I will have a lot and lots of fun , embracing the beauty of nature.
Hope my passion on running give me strength and i don't have injuries.
As I joined in this race, I know my heart and mind says that I love doing this and so my body will have a I will power and strength.
Thank you Lord. ^_^


runningpinoy said...

Hi Juvy!
Nice of you to join us in our aNR session. If you put your heart in to it and believe, you can! All of us started somewhere and your "somewhere" is already there, GOOD LUCK! =D

d-loner-runner said...

Hi Dhenz, super thank you last night..sobrang nahihiya ako since I'm the only one walking,and hindi nyo ko iniwan :). I know I can,and I will try harder. Thank you din sa mga inspirational and motivational words that you share, I will remember it by heart..Thank you..See you on the next aNR session and on the future races. ^_^

MinnieRunner said...

I'm sure you can make it Juvy! Sabi nga ni kowts Abby, lakasan lang ng loob 'yan. Register lang ng register, saka mo na isipin kung kaya mo ba, LOL!

d-loner-runner said...

Madz, yeah sobrang natuwa ako nung narinig ko un, hindi pala ako nag iisa difference lang kay Kowts Abby may nag momotivate syang friends, on my part wala, they don't even support or understand me,(sometimes they make laugh out of it pa nga when I say i'm running, *sad* )hehehe..buti na lang nakilala ko kayo, hopefully I still have the courage to meet all para hindi na ko "d loner runner", hehehe.. Ung experience ko last night was different, its nice to run with the people really understand what your aiming for.Sarap ng feeling :)..Thanks again! see yah! ^_^

x'ss: need to practice more, pushing myself to the limit ;)

Mar Marilag said...

Good Luck, Juvy.

By God's grace, may you be able to finish all the races you've joined, in good shape!

God Bless.

MinnieRunner said...

Ganun? Ignore mo lang sila, he he he. Running Makes Us Happy right? :D

d-loner-runner said...

@coach Mar - Thank you po! ^_^
@madz - yeah, thanks ha. I'm happy also that I met you all..^_^

I am Xprosaic said...

Ayos ah! namiss ko na ang mountain climbing at trekking noon... ngayon, bihira na kung magagawa ko pa yan... wala na rin kasi akong pwede kasama sa mga ganyan... hahayz...

James said...

hi, i saw your link sa takbo. nice blog..continue posting. see you at merrell

d-loner-runner said...

@xprosaic- sarap mag trek, tara sama ka, hehe
@james - thanks! see you on Merell..^_^