Thursday, July 22, 2010

a loooong weekend

- a simple thought----

This weekend I have a lot of schedules to do,I hope I can do it all.

1. Join my SMB group, visiting the Sitio Binayoyo Elementary School in Barangay Kalawis, Boso Boso Rizal on July 24-25. Excited on this, I already prepared games for the children ;)

2. My High School Barkada’s Baby Christening on July 24 @ 10:00am, I missed my friends, it time to see them again in another level in their life, haiz ako kaya kailan. ;)

3. Takbo Runfest on July 25 @ 5:00am, I waited for this for a long time, registered on the first day of registration to have a personalized singlet. :)

4. Review for BSCI exam on weekend.

5. Sleep as long as I want, my favorite past time during rest day. ;) :P

For now, I will join to my SMB group (it’s for the kids, right?) then try to go home on the same day (i will miss the camping :( ) so I can go for the Takbo Runfest on Sunday morning then to my High School friend in the afternoon. Then, I will just review, hmmmm, during office hours, hahaha and sleep while travelling, hehe. I know I can do it all in God's Will.

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