Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the story unfold--.The NorthFace 100-

I registered for TNF because it will be held in Baguio, yes I really want to go to Baguio, that’s one of my secret dreams, hehe. As I promise to myself, when I got work, I will go there. And so every summer I planned to go there but always not successful. So when I knew there will have a run in Baguio, I registered in a race, twice the fun, it’s a The North Face 100, though I’m not going to run in 100K but in 11k only, I’m excited. Days come, as April is one of the busiest months, I planned and schedule one day at a time.
April 1-4 Holy week
April 9-10 Company Outing
April 17 Merrell Adventure Run
April 18 Company’s 1st Fun Run
April 24-25 TNF-Baguio
May 1 Friend’s wedding
So when the TNF weeks come, I can’t decide fully as some problem arises. Issues in work, missed my bonding moment with my family every weekend, and missed my sleeping habit till the arrays of sun passing thru my windows and lots of boggling thoughts. I was about to say NO, I will not go but still the excitement is in me. I prepare for my things but I didn’t prepare a place to stay in Baguio as I already told to my co-employee (Sir Willy) who is based in Baguio that I will not go. Friday night come, I planned before that I will go to Baguio on that day so I can take a rest and visit Baguio on Saturday, but it did not push thru since I have a scheduled activity in work, *sigh*. As Anpaul, supposedly my company in Baguio with his officemate and Mafe from as they are on their way to Baguio, and me I’m on my way to go home, I feel sad but then again I think, I still can go to Baguio on Saturday morning and still to manage to be there before lunch time and “bahala na” what will happen. When I got home, I prepare my things but still not 100% sure if I will still go. Saturday mornings come, I supposed to leave our home at 4am to catch the bus that will travel direct to the terminal going to Baguio, but I woke up late,hmmmm, still thinking twice if I still go. Got another option, I read in the forum that ledoctober (boggs) will catch the bus going to Baguio on that Saturday night and will go directly to the race, I texted Jeremi, as he leaved his number in the forum if he knew the number of Boggs, but still not successful. As lunchtime, my mother asks me why I still not go, it’s give me a cue, I think I should go, they give their blessings and I should not miss it. I immediately texted Sir Willy if I can stay in our office in Baguio for that night and he replied that I can stay in their place, thanks to him. I leave our home at 3pm, counting hours 1-2-3…7, by 10pm I will be in Baguio. As I travelling alone for 7hours, I didn’t feel fill it nor become bored as I’m texting Jeremi from, Marness my friend, Sir Willy my co-employee whom he offer their place for a night and wait for me as he will pick me up in the bus terminal, my tatay and kuya who’s keep on texting me where I am, and so I’m updating them from time to time, surely I made them worried as this is the first time I travel alone.
When I arrived in Baguio, there is happiness in my heart, I fulfilled my dreams, expand my wings, conquered my fears and do want I want to do.
As the race day come, I’m so excited with the race as I’m really excited to see Baguio. I met Jeremi and Boggs, as well as Mafe, Anpaul and his officemate Vic and Rhandz in the starting line. I did not think that this race would be a tough one, as this is a trail run and for 11K, I just think, I will enjoy this, have fun with the trail, and will finish it.
The race started at the Old gate of Burnham Park going to trail, passing thru the butterfly sanctuary, it’s a breathtakingly view, the scenery as its best but still I’m in the race I run as I can and still manage to appreciate the beauty in Baguio. On our turn around point, as the other passed me and I also passed the others, and some took pictures, I decided to get my cell phone and do the picture pace.

                                                         11k runners at the starting line

                                                        The hanging bridge

                                                            Runners going uphill

                                                     One of the breath taking view

                                             Me doing the picture pace, still smiling ^_^

                                                             Bridge again.

                                                           View from a above

                                                   A horse marshall?, hehehe

                                                       Runners going down this time

                                                         Down..down..down :)

                                                       Afraid of heights? no, hehehe

And the scenery as its best. :)

As we exit on the trail and started to run in a road going to Burnham park, I felt that the race just started, I run as I can. On the last 200 meters, I remembered Kots Abby telling me that’s I still have to manged as strong finish and so I di, I run and passed 4 runners ahead of me, Im also motivivated and enjoyed the people cheering at the finish line. And Im happy to see my time as its flashes on the screen, its 1hour and 42 mins for my 11K trail run, a fastest time on me so far. I really enjoyed the TNF100, it really define my personal limits, doing things that I can and to never stop exploring.

And before I go home, Sir Willy was kind enough to tour me in the City of Pines. :)
Sir Willy at SM Baguio - Thanks po! ^-^

good taste at its best

I’m home at 12midnigt on that Sunday and still managed to be at work in 9am in Monday morning. :)

Thanks to Sir Willy and family, for welcoming me in their home, they served good food, he tour me and drive me in the city.
Thanks to family for the picture at the finish line and company after the race, Jeremi, Boggs, Mafe, Anpaul, Vic and Rhandz.
Thanks to my family, that worried on me but still support me all the way.
Thanks to TNF organizer, surely I will register again on their next season.
Thanks God as I finished this journey safe.

So what’s next on my trail adventure????.......Men’s Health trail run in Nuvali and Enervon Trail Run in Timberland? :) :) :)


Kenley said...

I really enjoyed this post. I am very glad that you made it to your 11k race. You really had me in suspence on whether you are going or not. lol. Thanks for Sir Willy for accommodations. That isn't the Wowowee Sir Willy is it? Great pictures of the race. How about all those roots. I was unaware that PH had pine trees. Very cool. Best wishes and congrats on your 11k times. Don't worry about those comments on my site. lol. I thought it is "nakakatawa". Take care and God Bless.

I am Xprosaic said...

I envy your passion for running! Yun ang wala ako... ahahahahhahahahaha

Jag said...

Congrats sa achievement mo...

At ang ganda tlga ng Baguio...I missed Baguio so much...sana makabalik pa ako doon...

juvy said...

@Kenley, Thank you very much!. Baguio is a summer capital of the Philippines, so I always dreaming on staying there during summer, hehehe..yeah, really thanks to Sir Willy (not the wowoweee willy,hehe), a driver and a tourist guide on an instant..My apology again on my flooding comments, so excited on commenting, hehehe lol!.. ^-^

juvy said...

@ xprosaic
i envy naman your travelling, I really want to travel and explore, hehehe..Thanks! ^-^

juvy said...

@ Jag
Thank you!...yeah sobrang gusto ko talaga sa Baguio, next time babalik ako dun at lilibutin ko lahat ng sulok, and kakain ng maraming strawberries na naghahalo ang tamis at asim.. hehehe...^_^

RunningAtom said...

woaahhh.. you also passed by at the Yellow Trail pala :)