Friday, May 28, 2010

CamayaCoast Aquathlon TrailRun and 2010 Nature Valley Run (RunRio Trilogy Leg 2)

I have 2 race this weekend, both i registered for personal reasons.

On Saturday, May 29, 2010 I registered for CamayaCoast Aquathlon TrailRun, oppss i just registered for the Extreme trail run as I don't know how to swim (I'm still wishing to have time to enroll for Swimming lesson, hehe). I registered as I read the following blogs, as in I go out in the office to go the nearest BDO branch to pay, no double thinking, I want this trail adventure, I want beach run, I know I will enjoy this, bahala na pagka register saka mag isip, hehehe

sir rico
mam cathy
mam jihan
sir ian

Then after registering, read again their blogs and said to myself, oh no, kaya ko ba, hehehe..bahala na talaga, I will just enjoy this. I will not think for the time, I will just enjoy the beauty of nature. I love it!   :) :) :)

Here's the email:

CamayaCoast Aquathlon TrailRun May 25, 2010 at 8:43am

Subject: See you at the starting line!

Hello Participants!
All are set for this Saturday's race.
- Meeting day and time is Saturday, May 29, 4am
- Meeting place is Camaya Coast Showroom along EDSA, opposite Robinsons Pioneer, between Boni/Pioneer and Guadalupe Bridge, left side of EDSA if traveling towards Quezon City
- The buses leave promptly at 430 am
- Bring own breakfast, pre-race food, water/fluid, sun screen
- Trail shoes are preferred, but regular running shoes will do.
- Upon reaching Porto, Mariveles, Bataan, all participants will take a 15-minute boat ride to Camaya Coast
- A 10-minute pre-race briefing will be held around 9am
- Race starts at around 930am
- Mass start at the beach front for entries in all categories
- Adventure trail runners make 3 out-and-back loops
- Extreme trail runners make 2 big loops around the Camaya Coast property
- Aquathlon entries will make 1 out-and-back loop on the beach and into the trail, followed by 2 swim loops to complete 1.5km, followed by another beach and trail run.
- Brunch will be available free for all participants and guests
- Awarding will be held around 12noon.
- The boats back to Porto will leave starting around 330pm
- Those traveling on their own to Camaya Coast in the morning, but intend to take our bus to EDSA in the afternoon, please coordinate with us to make sure you have seats in the bus.
- Here are the final list of entries. All are included in the free bus and boat rides, brunch and running singlet. Please check your name.
1-Jose Benedict-Ac-ac-Aquathlon-
2-Jairuz-Agang-ang-Extreme Train Run-
3-Marylin-Aguilor-Adventure Trail Run-
4-Ringo-Aguilor-Adventure Trail Run-
6-David-Almendral (Sabak)-Aquathlon-
8-Francis-Amolenda-Adventure Trail Run-
9-Emil Alberto-Ancheta-Aquathlon-
10-Nova Rica-Anonuevo-Adventure Trail Run-
11-Sid Aaron-Apolinario-Aquathlon-
12-Neilster Jon-Asinas-Adventure Trail Run-
13-Alynn-Atienza Jr-Adventure Trail Run-
14-Donna Marie-Ayson-Adventure Trail Run-
15-Timothy James-Ayson-Non runner-
16-Raissa Katrina Marie-Ballesteros-Aquathlon-
17-Maria Elena-Bangoy-Extreme Train Run-
19-Mira Tiffany-Batilo-Aquathlon-
20-Annalene-Bautista-Adventure Trail Run-
21-Faye-Bautista-Adventure Trail Run-
22-Isidro Jr-Bautista-Adventure Trail Run-
23-Sid Amiel-Bautista-Non runner-
24-Sid Angelo -Bautista-Aquathlon-
25-Shane-Baylon-Non runner-
27-Tobias Miguel-Bernardo-Aquathlon-
28-Sherwin Tommy-Botabara-Extreme Train Run-
29-Youra-Bragado-Adventure Trail Run-
30-Pedro Jr-Buban-Extreme Train Run-
33-Mariano Thomas-Cagalawan-Aquathlon-
34-Abigail-Calamlam-Adventure Trail Run-
35-Anna Feliza-Calvo-Adventure Trail Run-
36-William-Capapas-Adventure Trail Run-
37-Clarisa-Capili-Adventure Trail Run-
38-Ludevic-Capili-Adventure Trail Run-
43-Jennifer-Clemeno-Adventure Trail Run-
44-Josine-Conti-Extreme Train Run-
45-Sharon-Corpuz-Extreme Train Run-
46-Locindo-Cruz-Extreme Train Run-
47-Rolly-Cuales-Adventure Trail Run-
49-Cathy-Daza-Extreme Train Run-
50-JC-De Dios-Adventure Trail Run-
51-Cymbelly-De Los Santos-Adventure Trail Run-
52-Ronald Rei -Declarador-Aquathlon-
53-Vince-Del Rosario-Aquathlon-
54-Sieridan-Desano-Extreme Train Run-
55-Karen May -Dogillo-Adventure Trail Run-
57-Esteve-Estabillo-Extreme Train Run-
58-Raulito Fabio-Flores-Aquathlon-
61-Maximo-Gabriel-Extreme Train Run-
63-Muffin-Galvez-Adventure Trail Run-
64-Quenie-Ganancial -Adventure Trail Run-
65-Allen-Gaspar-Extreme Train Run-
66-Mercy-Go-Extreme Train Run-
68-Ana-Granada-Adventure Trail Run-
69-Let-Guieb-Adventure Trail Run-
72-Celma-Hitalia-Extreme Train Run-
73-Francis Edward-Huelgas-Adventure Trail Run-
75-Cha -Ignacio-Extreme Train Run-
76-TJ -Isla-Aquathlon-
77-Julius-Jingco -Aquathlon-
78-Jennielyn-Koc-Adventure Trail Run-
79-Carlos -Lasa-Aquathlon-
80-Pam-Loanzon-Adventure Trail Run-
81-Gigi-Lopez-Extreme Train Run-
84-Theresa Shane-Male-Aquathlon-
85-Grace-Manabat-Extreme Train Run-
87-Ezzwee-Manansala-Adventure Trail Run-
88-Ellaine-Maranon-Adventure Trail Run
92-Ian Earl-Navarro-Extreme Train Run
93-Ronnel-Nazarea-Extreme Train Run
95-Lily-Ong-Adventure Trail Run
97-Adrian-Orense-Extreme Train Run
98-Retzel-Orquiza -Aquathlon
99-Christian -Oting-Extreme Train Run
100-Juvy-Pagtalunan-Extreme Train Run :) :) :)
102-Carlos -Paredes-Aquathlon
104-Michelle-Penaranda-Adventure Trail Run
106-Leslie-Plata-Extreme Train Run
109-Mark -Rodica-Adventure Trail Run
111-James-Rosca-Extreme Train Run
115-Aisa-Sanchez-Adventure Trail Run
116-Paolo-Santiago-Extreme Train Run
118-Totoy-Santos-Extreme Train Run
119-Michael Lamont-Sarandona-Aquathlon
123-Loraine-Siy-Adventure Trail Run
124-Jesusa-Solomon-Adventure Trail Run
126-Karen-Talosig-Extreme Train Run
127-Charlie-Tan-Adventue Trail Run
128-Mark Joseph-Tan-Extreme Train Run
129-Tommy-Tan -Extreme Train Run
132-Don -Tayag-Aquathlon
133-Karen-Tiambeng-Adventure Trail Run-
134-Christian Velson-Ticzon-Extreme Train Run-
136-Ma. Christina -Ticzon-Adventure Trail Run-
137-Velma-Ticzon-Adventure Trail Run-
140-Siegfred Zerex-Tura-Aquathlon
141-Arish-Valero-Adventure Trail Run-
143-Wilfredo-Veluz-Extreme Train Run-
146-Jeffrey-Vita-Extreme Train Run-
148-Jose Inigo-Yap-Adventure Trail Run-
149-Michael-Yee-Extreme Train Run
151-Harvey-Campos-Aquathlon-Will travel on own
152-Alan-Galang-Aquathlon-Will travel on own

Then on Sunday, May 30, 2010 I registered for 2010 Nature Valley Run (RunRio Trilogy Leg 2) for a 10K run, as I want revenge on last Leg 1 as I finished the 10K run : (GUN TIME: 02:05:02 CHIP TIME: 01:42:36) Babawi ako and I'm aiming to finish the 10K run at least 1:30, hehehe. Still slow for the other runners but I'm still training for the speed. I'm still happy since I have new goal now, I have now time to finish the run as before since Leg 1 is my first 10K, my only goal is to finish it, hehehe.

God will lead me on this new challenge, with the support of my family and friends, I KNOW I CAN DO BOTH RACE, I'm still praying for the strenght and will power to do both. ;) ;)


jazzrunner said...

Wow, back-to-back races yan Juvy, ah! Didn't know that the Camaya had an exclusive trail run. Had i known, i would have joined. Anyway, i hope you enjoy both races! Good luck!:-)

juvy said...

Thanks Sir Rene,just recently ko lang na realize that its a back-to-back 10K run, whoah, I'm still praying I can do both. ;)

The Scientist Runner said...

Good luck in your races Loner Runner...who knows we might bump into each other in the Nature Valley Run :-)

journeyingjames said...

galing naman! run happy, the ANR alabang are joining too, hope you get to bumped to each other

Kenley said...

I am excited for you. I know you will have a blast. Juvy the trail runner. You will rock it, because you will be fun.

MinnieRunner said...

Hey Juvy, musta ang back to back run mo? I know it all went off well :)

Miss you! Kelan next run mo? Kita naman tayo.

RunningAtom said...

Woaahhh... meron pala nyan, kung nabalitaan ko, nagkita-kita sana tayo Juvy :)